About Bureau Brunner

Bureau Brunner is a Swiss design studio based in Zurich.

We aim at creating products trough in-depts research to engage form and technology. Products that asks to be used rather than observed.

The Studio in Zurich is led by Tobias Brunner.
After working as a graphic designer during four years in New York and Paris, He studied Product Design at Ecole Cantonale d‘Art de Lausanne (ECAL),
collaborating with brands such as Ruckstuhl, IKEA and VITRA. After gaining work experience at JODR in Los Angeles, he set up his own practice in Zürich. Since 2017 he is a visiting professor at the Hong Kong Design Institute in Hong Kong.



Bureau Brunner Industrial Design GmbH
CH-8049 Zürich

Management: Tobias Brunner (CDO), Martin Brunner (CTO)

Image by Albin Lindetorp